As the principles of Samsara Rugs, we have been in the fine handmade rugs business for three generations, and in USA since 1979.  We have always believed in working with a social conscience; in keeping with this spirit, our efforts have included recycling, supporting charities, and conducting business in a fair and ethical manner. In all this however, we still felt something was missing.  It almost felt as if the world, of which we are stewards for our children, is on fire and we are merely pacifying ourselves with a simple squirt gun. What this means, is that we knew more needed to be done.

This very realization was the beginning of our green and fair product line which we named Samsara Rugs, and our overall Fairtrade and green initiate is called “Fair Rugs”, which is a sincere effort to ensure the highest standards of green and fair practices in our business and to transform our industry. If we started a trend that treated fairly, all living beings in the process of making and trading of our product — from the sheep that provide the wool, to the workers who weave and finish the product, the entrepreneurs who make it happen, the methods and materials used , then we would inspire others to follow suit and make our world a better place.

This led to us using handspun or New Zealand grade wool that comes from high altitude animals that are most likely to be roaming free, well fed and well treated.  We are also using environmentally friendly products in our production and taking care of our workers by providing nutritional, medical, financial and educational support for them and their families.

We are convinced that this transformation won’t be limited to our company, vendors and workers only, because it will inspire, or indeed force some of our competitors to follow our lead in order to stay competitive and attract the best workers and good customers.  This will set the ball rolling, starting a trend that will continue to catch on. Workers will demand better and fairer pay as well as benefits, customers will demand a greener, fairer product, and we will be smiling with content hearts knowing we had something to do with this trend.